KB Pentathlon

Track your workouts and ranking!

KB Pentathlon

Scores calculated automatically based on weights and reps. Data saved to allow progress tracking.

Weights and Reps

Each of the five moves can be entered with the number of reps and weight of kettlebell used. It will work our your average reps per minute based on the total reps. The score for that discipline is also generated and shown.

Not all workouts have to have all moves entered. Just track what you are training on a given day. Of course the overall ranking will be lower but it reflects that workout accurately.

KB Pentathlon


All previous workouts can be seen in a list with the overall score achieved and the date it was completed. This list can be sorted too.

Male/Female Ranking

Ranking scores differ for men and women. This is tracked correctly for you as long as you start an appropriate workout. A male/female icon is also used on the workout summary screen to remind you too.


You can cancel or clear a workout at any time. No need to panic about losing data though - it does warn you if there are unsaved changes!

KB Pentathlon
Simple Entry

Entering data is simple with a list of kettlebell weights already available to choose from. Reps will be limited to the maximum allowed by the competition rules.

KB Pentathlon
Ranking and Summary

The workout summary screen shows you the total number of reps and total weight moved for the whole event (for those moves you have logged scores for). You can then see what performance level you reached. This can optionally be shared on Twitter or Facebook.


Want to improve your kettlebell pentathlon level? Want to ensure progress? Consistency is key. And the KB Pentathlon App helps you track that consistency!

Works for men and women whatever your level!

KB Pentathlon